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Denuit - Deep Water

Denuit – Deep Water

Denuit - I'm Bleeding

Denuit – I’m Bleeding

Black Sun Film

A series of 10 music clips that illustrate the Black Sun Album.
All the videos in this series are filmed, performed and edited by Denuit (Ivi Topp & Lis Araignée)

Denuit - Black Sun (Official Video)

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Recorded by: Ivi Topp & ...
Lis Araignée
Sound Mixed by: Ivi Topp
Performed by: Denuit (Lis Araignée & Ivi Topp)
Mastered by: Bruno Varea (Upload Studio)

Video filmed and edited by: Denuit (Lis Araignée & Ivi Topp)

Black Sun

At the dawn of the black sun,
I see the world that awakes,
Ash rains have covered,
The oceans and the land.
The essence of the cities,
Changed into lava.
A jail opened its doors,
And absorbed the earth.
A bitter taste filled our mouth.
A bitter taste filled our mouth.


Oh my black sun.
Oh my black sun
Oh my black sun
Oh my black sun

Can you hear the first scream ?
They have drink their tears,
Someone begging,
For a life to live in.
Can you save the last soul,
I can feel its pain,
Something remains,
Under the sleeping leaves.
Autumn rings its death knell,
Perhaps the new beginning,
Perhaps the new beginning.

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Here you will find the videos that illustrate our music. From music clips, live performances and the Black Sun Film which illustrates the Black Sun Album univers.