We are Denuit, Darkwave , Goth , Duo from France

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When the light and the shadows dance together, the night comes out of its silence. As the lighthouse we are surrounded by darkness but our voice is a candle. Our music raises the ghost and our heart beats the warm and the cold. The poetry is our scream, shamanic dance is our word.

News and interviews

Denuit on Darkroomers


Our son Denuit – Black Sun has been featured on Eterna Oscuridad Radio on Darkroomers EP 11 Mix by Lo STIGE PLAYING TRACKS BY Noromakina, Element, Denuit, New Dawn Fades, Ashes Fallen and more. You can hear the podcast below :

Goths Worldwide Playlist Denuit

Goths Worldwide

Hey bats, we are on the Goths Worldwide playlist with our song Denuit – Crooked Tree, among some great artists ! ( Molchat Doma , Ash Code , Kaelan Mikla , Suzi Sabotage , Actors , Minuit Machine and many many others ! )If you want to discover some cool new sounds, have a listen […]

Denuit on guts of darkness

Denuit on Guts of darkness

Guts of darkness recently review our album Black Sun. Their poetic words describing our music really touched us!The article is in French, and is beautiful! Thank you Guts of darkness “Cette musique n’a rien de froid, elle est simplement noire, nocturne, évoque une forme d’épure onirique comme un échiquier géant à ciel ouvert où des […]

Denuit on France Blue Héreult

Denuit sur France Blue Hérault

We did a cool interview on France Bleu Hérault We talked about our album Black Sun, the origins of our name Denuit, and some cool new things coming.You can also hear 4 songs from Black Sun. La Nouvelle Scène France Bleu Hérault Thanks to France Bleu for the invitation !

denuit on la gazette montpellier

Denuit on La Gazette

We did a nice interview for the French La Gazette Live Montpellier,

Denuit Paloma Nimes
Denuit Paloma Nimes cc-photolive30
Denuit victoire 2
Denuit victoire 2 cc-isis
Denuit Sonambule
Denuit Sonambule cc-kiwirecords

Look mom we are on tv !

Denuit on Tsugi
Denuit on Tsugi

What They Say About Us:

Black Sun is linked in coherence, does not weaken, does not freeze either, eager to keep an open musical range.

Muzzart – Will Dum

A refined and sharp, as cold and warm blend between Ivi’s hypnotic beats, gloomy bass throbs and winding icy synthetic evocations that coalesce organically with Lis‘ alluring haunted vocalizations.

WL//WH – Catherine Gillette

The gothic post-punk electro duo of Denuit reveals a very promising dark wave vein. Their “Black Sun” album is at this image: addictive.

LACN – Didier

Denuit made the daring bet to loudly claim the term “cold wave” which has fallen a bit into disuse. Gothic but not the clownish one worn out by the American metal figures of the late 90’s. Here we can see the filiation with the original figures as Siouxsie or closer to us the ones of Zola Jesus or Boy Harsher. A deep voice , electronic instrumentation, rock energy and scenic trance are perfectly enshrined in the captivating stage performances of the duo.

Trente Quatre Tours – Guilhem Trébuchon

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