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Denuit Band

Hi there, we make Kraut-Cold music ♡

Music Makers

Denuit is a retro-futuristic electronic duo mixing krautrock, coldwave and techno influences. A cinematic universe in which the duo plunges us to the head. From one end to the other, their set tells a story, that of a disillusioned future where the war sounds its death knell. Misty vocals, flirting sometimes with the lyric sometimes with the serious sounds of cold-wave. Strange instruments that scream and resonate over a wave of psychedelic synths. A rhythmic deconstructed, repetitive, which leads into a frenetic dance. Machines that blow the dark and spatial sounds of a nervous but atmospheric music. In a few words, Denuit is a dystopian world that must be visited and heard.


october, 2019

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