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I’m Bleeding

I’m Bleeding track from our upcoming album: Inferno (album comes out 11 November on NoNeedName & Manic Depression Records ) on Tape Cassette, CD & Vinyl

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Denuit – I’m Bleeding (from upcoming album: Inferno)

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Black Sun (2021)

Denuit Black Sun
Denuit Black Sun

Black Sun traces our grief, coping with the loss of our loved ones. We both lost a member of our family when we started composing the album. Starting from a personal view, it became universal with the start of the pandemic. Sadness, fear, but also hope and a positive view of the future. 10 Songs each illustrated by their own music video. One video clip per month, all done by us. Dark Kisses, Ivi Topp & Lis Araignée, Denuit.

released May 7, 2021

Recorded by Ivi Topp & Lis Araignée.
Mixed by Ivi Topp
Mastering by Bruno Varea (Upload Studio)
Press by No Need Name

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Black Sun is a wonderful album from start to finish, I look forward to any and all future releases from Denuit. I’ve been hooked since first listen! Favorite track: Blind.


Un must dans le genre, voix imaginative au bord de la rupture du goût, environnement sonore subtil, à niveau. Favorite track: Blood Tears.


Délicieusement dark, élégant et conforme aux codes du genre tout en étant personnel, bravo ! Favorite track: Mirror.


Thanks for an amazing album Liz Araignee & Ivy Topp, arrived in my postbox today. Hope to see you in Sweden soon 😉 Love from Fred in Sweden 🖤🎹❤️🎹🖤. Favorite track: Crooked Tree.


OPH (2019)

denuit - OPH