Denuit France Bleu Interview

Denuit Interview France Bleu

We did a really cool interview with France Bleu Herault talking about our New album Inferno, the inspiration, the creation process and the plans for the future.

Thanks to Emmanuel de Roquetaillade for inviting us to the show La nouvelle scène de l’Hérault


Denuit on

French goth duo Denuit have unfurled an intense new video upon the world. A creepy combination of The Cure, Siouxsie, Lebanon Hanover and Suburban Lawns, the harbingers of “night wave” bring forth “I’m Bleeding”…


Inferno Review by Kollektiva

Denuit transcended the boundaries of style and named it Night-Wave with their musical world, offering the sensual and sophisticated essence of melancholic post-punk, decadent goth, and electronica-driven new-wave.

Denuit Live at Sonic Lyon with NNHMN

Denuit @ Sonic Lyon Live Report

le duo Denuit a confirmé mes « espoirs ». Les sons obscurs, dansants, avec l’atmosphère résolument gothique du projet…

Denuit - Blind


We are together in this nightmare.
Our freedom is dead.
They speak for us,
They have sewn our mouth.

Denuit - Darkest Forest

Darkest Forest

I’m in front of your grave,
I see your dead body floating around me,
I’m a lost tree in the darkest forest,

Denuit - Between Shadows

Between Shadows

Tomorrow will be forgotten,
But I can remember now.
I’m the ghost of sorrows,

Denuit - Broken Doll

Broken Doll

I look sad,
I’m the broken doll.
I wear the dark,
I’m the broken doll.
So what ?

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