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French goth duo Denuit have unfurled an intense new video upon the world. A creepy combination of The Cure, Siouxsie, Lebanon Hanover and Suburban Lawns, the harbingers of “night wave” bring forth “I’m Bleeding”…


Inferno Review by Kollektiva

Denuit transcended the boundaries of style and named it Night-Wave with their musical world, offering the sensual and sophisticated essence of melancholic post-punk, decadent goth, and electronica-driven new-wave.

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Denuit – Black Sun Album Review by Nouvelle Vague

A beautifully written review about our album Black Sun on Nouvelle Vague In French. Le duo DeNuit n’a jamais aussi bien porté les couleurs des ténèbres, elles sont les bannières d’une cosmologie sonore, une musique singulière à laquelle on ne peut que succomber qui nous plonge dans un climat intimiste,…