Denuit - Zombies


We live in a house surrounded by zombies,
They try to break the walls,
Our life is an escape attempt.

Our cocoon is now a prison.
Each night, we hear lost souls crying
they wander through black corridors
exploring these dark caves.
There’s thousand faces.

Denuit - Your Pain

Your Pain

The winter moon shines,
Your silver tears fall.
How cold outside your heart,
An electric blue world of ice.
I remember the first time I saw you crying.

Denuit - Blind


We are together in this nightmare.
Our freedom is dead.
They speak for us,
They have sewn our mouth.

Denuit - Darkest Forest

Darkest Forest

I’m in front of your grave,
I see your dead body floating around me,
I’m a lost tree in the darkest forest,

Denuit - Between Shadows

Between Shadows

Tomorrow will be forgotten,
But I can remember now.
I’m the ghost of sorrows,

Denuit - Broken Doll

Broken Doll

I look sad,
I’m the broken doll.
I wear the dark,
I’m the broken doll.
So what ?

Denuit - Black Sun

Black Sun

At the dawn of the black sun,I see the world that awakes,Ash rains have covered,The oceans and the land.The essence of the cities,Changed into lava.A jail opened its doors,And absorbed the earth.A bitter taste filled our mouth.A bitter taste filled our mouth. CHORUS : Oh my black sun.Oh my black…

Denuit - Negative Wave

Negative Wave

It was born in the dark age.A little piece of broken heart.A feeling which never ends.A draw in the spirit’s land.A tempest rain under the mask.How I look, how you laugh,how I scream, how you call. It was born in the dark age.A little piece of broken heart.A feeling which…

Denuit - Crooked Tree

Crooked Tree

I remember when I slept on your back.Your arms held me warm,And I felt safe,I was in a silk cocoon.I remember your pale grey eyes,Looking at me, as I was the sun,Your child, your light, your one. CHORUS : At night,The monsters tried to catch me, x2I hide,Under the crooked…


I feel in my mouth,A taste of winter,The snow cuts my throat,My heart, this sad anvil,Takes my dead body,To drawn it in the dawn. My head is filled with blue colors,In my spirit a lone ant came,I hear the whispers of the lost,You are in prison, in the frame. I…

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