black sun

Denuit - Blind


We are together in this nightmare.
Our freedom is dead.
They speak for us,
They have sewn our mouth.

Denuit - Darkest Forest

Darkest Forest

I’m in front of your grave,
I see your dead body floating around me,
I’m a lost tree in the darkest forest,

Denuit - Between Shadows

Between Shadows

Tomorrow will be forgotten,
But I can remember now.
I’m the ghost of sorrows,

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Denuit – Black Sun Album Review by Nouvelle Vague

A beautifully written review about our album Black Sun on Nouvelle Vague In French. Le duo DeNuit n’a jamais aussi bien porté les couleurs des ténèbres, elles sont les bannières d’une cosmologie sonore, une musique singulière à laquelle on ne peut que succomber qui nous plonge dans un climat intimiste,…

Denuit - Crooked Tree

Crooked Tree

I remember when I slept on your back.Your arms held me warm,And I felt safe,I was in a silk cocoon.I remember your pale grey eyes,Looking at me, as I was the sun,Your child, your light, your one. CHORUS : At night,The monsters tried to catch me, x2I hide,Under the crooked…


I feel in my mouth,A taste of winter,The snow cuts my throat,My heart, this sad anvil,Takes my dead body,To drawn it in the dawn. My head is filled with blue colors,In my spirit a lone ant came,I hear the whispers of the lost,You are in prison, in the frame. I…

Denuit - Blood Tears

Blood Tears

Your veins are full of anger,But you’re empty inside,You need to eat,Until you die.You need to feed the body,As it was your cage,In jail in your bones,Sometimes free with your eyes. CHORUS : It’s gonna be red,As the river of tears,Filling your mind,When nobody sees you,Your heart beats the bruises,And…

denuit night vampire screenshot

Night Vampire

Something is crawling under your skin,A whispering song,An unfollowed reason.The lights are far away from your brain,It’s blowing again.It’s blowing again.You’re stuck in the past,Your body is moving,Slowly as a shadow.Your music is waiting,Are you playing again ?Are you playing again ? CHORUS : You’re a mess, x2A vampire.The night…