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Denuit Black Sun

Denuit – Black Sun

We are proud and humbled to present our new album Black Sun.
A lot of  heart, tears and love went into the making of this album.
Coping with the loss of loved ones, passing between the different stages while the world went through a global crisis.
All this went into influencing the creation and the shape Black Sun took.
10 Songs to express, explore and reflect.

Track List :

1- Negative Wave
2- Darkest Forest
3- Blood Tears
4- Crooked Tree
5- Blind
6- Broken Doll
7- Black Sun
8- Night Vampire
9- Between Shadows
10- Mirror

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CD Limited Edition LINK HERE

Physical & Digital Availability

Black Sun will be available on all streaming platforms starting from the 7th May 2021.
On physical supports it will be available on limited edition special CD, and white Vinyl (Vinyl comes later this year).


You can find all the lyrics of Black Sun here :

Denuit - Black Sun

Black Sun

At the dawn of the black sun,I see the world that awakes,Ash rains have covered,The…

Denuit - Negative Wave

Negative Wave

It was born in the dark age.A little piece of broken heart.A feeling which never…

Denuit - Crooked Tree

Crooked Tree

I remember when I slept on your back.Your arms held me warm,And I felt safe,I…

Denuit - Mirror


I feel in my mouth,A taste of winter,The snow cuts my throat,My heart, this sad…

Denuit - Blood Tears

Blood Tears

Your veins are full of anger,But you’re empty inside,You need to eat,Until you die.You need…

Mixed By Ivi Topp, mastering by Upload Studio